​​​​​​​​​How are Pupils Assessed at Castleford Academy?​

Every pupil in school is assessed each lesson by teachers to make sure that they are making the right amount of progress for that lesson.  In addition to lesson by lesson assessment, each pupil is tested in each subject on approximately a half termly basis. This testing usually takes place at the end of a topic/unit of work and the result of the tests are recorded by pupils and staff.  This regular testing allows pupils to learn and remember key pieces of information and is important in preparing pupils for their GCSEs.  It also allows pupils to track their progress and find out what they need to do to improve. 

Although we do not share every test with parents/carers, we ask staff to summarise pupil progress and report this to parents on three occasions throughout the year.  Each report will give information about a pupils’ target grade/step, attitude to learning and behaviour.  Teachers will also write a comment and target for each pupil. Most reports (depending upon the time of year) will let parents know the grade/step that a pupil is likely to achieve based on their current progress in lessons.  

The reports are our main way of communicating with parents about the progress that their son/daughter is making.  When reports are issued it is also an opportunity for parents to talk with their son/daughter about the progress he/she is making in lessons.  If the report raises issues, parents should contact either the subject leader (if it is in a specific subject) or the year leader (if there are concerns in a number of subject areas).

Timetable for issuing reports:​

Year​​​Report 1​Report 2​Report 3​Parents' Evening 2019


October 2018​

February 2019​

June 2019​

14th February 2019 and 25th October 2019 (Form Tutor)​


December 2018​

March 2019​

July 2019​

14th March 2018​


December 2018​

May 2019​

July 2019​

9th May 2019​


November 2018​

March 2019​

July 2019​

21st March 2019​


November 2018​

January 2019​

April 2019​

22nd November 2018 and 25th April 2019​


November 2018​

March 2019​

July 2019​

29th November 2018​


November 2018​

April 2018​

29th November 2018​​​

​​​​​​​​​Curriculum Information - Policies​

Assessment and Report Information 2018 - 19.pdf
Changes to Curriculum and Assessment at KS3.pdf
Changes to Curriculum and Assessment at KS4.pdf
Curriculum Policy.pdf
Enrichment List.pdf
Partnership Links.pdf
RE Policy.pdf
SMSC and Fundamental British Values 2018-19.pdf

If parents / carers would like to find out more information about the curriculum at Castleford Academy, please contact Mrs Cook.