​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governance - List of Trustees ​

The Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction of the Academy Trust. They set the vision for the trust, development plans, general policy and the budget. The Trustees monitor performance in education, compliance and finance. They make major decisions about the direction of the Academy Trust, capital expenditure and senior staff appointments.  The Board of Trustees holds each governing body of academies within the Trust to account.


Bill Clift - MBE, MEd, Chair of Governors/Trustees & Member

If you wish to contact Mr Clift please direct mail to:
c/o Castleford Academy
Ferrybridge Road
WF10 4JQ
Email: admin@castlefordacademy.com

​Sally Wright - Member
​Jo Budby - Member
​​George Panayiotou - Trustee
Barbara Townend - Trustee
John Hughes - Trustee​ & Member

Adam Fletcher - Trustee & Member

​John Iveson - Trustee


 Trustees Declaration of Interest 2016-17.pdf