​​Careers Team

Careers Team

Mr Prinsep - Deputy Headteacher - Careers Lead

Mrs Chippendale - Assistant Headteacher

Katie Oldroyd - NCOP Officer

Sallie Martin - NCOP Officer (maternity cover)

Jacqui Siddal - Apprenticeship Officer

We also have members of the Prospects Team who work across the year at the academy giving 1-to1 Careers Appointments

Contact:  01977 605060


​​Careers Information

97% of 2017's Y11 pupils went on to sustained education or employment. This has seen a year on year rise of 1% since 2011 and is above the national figure.  7% of pupils went on to take an apprenticeships but the vast majority of pupils chose to continue in education. 

The most recent breakdown of destinations can be found below.  This is the data we use to measure and assess the impact of the careers programme on pupils as well as a range of evaluations completed by pupils and parent/pupil/staff surveys.  The Academy also has a Governor's Careers Committee Group. 

​​Castleford Academy​​Local Authority​National
Any sustained education or employment95%92%94%
Sixth Form12%24%39%
Disadvantaged Apprenticeships6%7%6%
NEET Figure1.3%7%5%​​


Mission Statement

All students should receive the appropriate level of Information, Advice and Guidance to enable them to make well informed and realistic decisions about their future in terms of education and careers.



Castleford Academy believes that students should be appropriately prepared for the choices they make during their education and the choices they make in the future. Students should have an understanding of how their education will prepare them for the world of work. The students should feel confident in making key decisions about educational and career choices and have a clear understanding of the routes to achieve their goal. This preparation should be achieved through a variety of means such as impartial and independent one to ones with a qualified Careers Advisor, careers resources purchased by the Academy and Taster Sessions at local colleges and Universities.



In response to the updated requirements and expectations of school published by the DfE in January 2018, below is a link to our Provider Access Policy providing information on all the events and further opportunities available for education and training providers to access all pupils in year 8 to year 13 to provide them with information around  qualifications (including technical education), employment or apprenticeships.  ​


Further changes to this careers section of the website are currently in process due to the changes in statutory requirement for schools on careers guidance.  This section will be updated over the next few months. 

The Provider Access Policy can be found below."​

| Provider Access Policy Statement 2018

Summary by Service

Services for students:

  • 121 guidance interviews with Katie Oldroyd available to students in all year groups.

  • Group work sessions with Katie on College Interview preparation.

  • Group work sessions on CV writing.

  • Group work sessions exploring Post-16 Options, Career Action Plans and UCAS Progress.

  • Work Related Learning sessions for Y10 and Y11 exploring Post-16 Options, Skill Recognition and Employability.

  • Enrichment sessions for Y12 and Y13 exploring Post-18 Options, Career Action Plans and UCAS.

  • Katie available for drop in before registration, break and after school.

  • Support on results day (A Level and GCSE).

  • Career Assemblies for all Year Groups (optional).

  • Taster Days at Pontefract New College and Wakefield College for Y10.

  • Prospectus launches for Y11 from Pontefract New College, Wakefield College, St Wilfrids Sixth Form and Castleford Academy Sixth Form.

  • Advice available on Y8, Y10 and Y11 Parents Evening.

  • Careers Fairs at Y10 and Y11 Parents Eve with local Colleges, Universties and Apprenticeship services.

  • Work Experience in Y12 and Y13 (also offered to Y10).

  • Mock Interviews.

Services for parents:

  • Information on Parents Evening (Y8, Y10 and Y11).

  • Booklet devised for Y11 parents explaining the layout of Career Guidance in Y11 as well as information on Post-16 choices.

  • Appointments available with Katie Oldroyd.

Services for staff:

  • Y11 Form Tutors provided with Career 'packs', including Open Day information, UCAS Progress support and guidance on how to book 121's with Katie Oldroyd.

  • Lesson plans given to Heads of Departments for Aspirations Week.

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