​​​​​​​​​​​​​Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership​

As part of this year's Careers Provision for Y10 and to follow on from our successful careers fair at Parents Evening, pupils received a visit from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership this week to launch their FutureGoals program. 

Castleford is part of the Leeds City Region which is major region in what is now called The Northern Powerhouse.  The Leeds City Region alone is worth £66.5 billion and is bigger than nine European countries.  Over 126,000 businesses are located here which means there are a large amount of skilled jobs available.  It is the largest city region outside of London. 


The Wakefield area of the Leed City Region has an average weekly pay for full-time jobs of £484 (Leeds is £537) and its largest sectors are Retail, Health and Social Care, Manufacturing and Transportation/Storage.  A similar picture can be found up the road in Leeds however there are a huge range of Administrative and Support Services as well as recruitment agencies and other industries such as vehicle renting. 

The purpose of the FutureGoals Program is to raise awareness of this to pupils and parents and to help pupils make better informed choices about their future.  For example, there is expected to be a huge demand for jobs in our region in:


  • digital,
  • engineering and manufacturing,
  • infrastructure (primarily construction). 


Y10 pupils were given a breakdown about the jobs, salaries and skills needed/ available and the potential routes identified through Further Education, Higher Education or Apprenticeships. 

Finally, pupils were told about the skills needed for any kind of job and areas that they should work hard on such as: 


  • Communication
  • Organisational
  • Writing
  • Planning
  • Team working
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise


If you want to find out more:

Leeds City Region career learning


About making careers choices:


About Apprenticeships:


About Higher Education


You can book an appointment with a careers advisor at anytime by popping in to the library.  There will be an opportunity for pupils to book Taster Days for New College and Wakefield College later in the year and to join our Apprenticeship Group. 

Pupils will start receiving assemblies for all Post-16 Providers in September and make applications before Christmas so now is a good time to start thinking about what your plans are for after Y11. 

Don't forget, you'll need a good handful of qualifications too as the labour market will be incredibly competitive.  A link to the powerpoint presented by the LEP can be found here. ​