​​​​​​​Making Unreal Games @ Wakefield College

Five lucky Y9 pupils studying CiDA with Game Making (Certificate in Digital Applications) got the chance to go to Wakefield College during half-term to develop a game using Unreal Engine 4 development Kit (UDK).  They spent a day developing a 3D racing game using Unreal Engine; Building and editing terrain, designing water features, and building caves.

These are images of Callum's creative racing track design including loop the loop, lake and wall of fire.  The pupils had a fantastic day along with pupils from other schools across the region, giving them a real insight into what courses are available at college and inspiring them to continue their education into Higher Education and follow their passion in Game Design.


"I got a lot out of it! It was really informative and extremely fun!" - Callum K.

"It was super fun!" - Mitchell H.

"It was very interesting, we were all involved in a fun learning environment!" - Thomas J.

"It was a great experience and should be open to more people!" - Dan M