New record for Castleford Academy Mensa IQ Tests​

​It's that time of year again when we try some of our pupils out for a Mensa IQ Test.  Mensa are a society for people aged from 11 – 80 who have a high IQ.  Each year we have had pupils across all yeargroups get in to Mensa but this year we smashed the record with 13 confirmed geniuses.  To get into Mensa (the society for people with high IQs) you need an IQ of 148 which puts you in the Top 2% of the country.  13 pupils achieved this score and a further 7 missed the score by 1%.  One particular pupil scored the highest score possible: 162 and two further pupils matched Stephen Hawking's score of 161!  This is a fantastic achievement and there is clearly something in the Castleford water! 

Well done to all involved.  ​