​​Y7 Space Homework Project​​​​​​​​​

​A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… our Year 7 students took part in a space-themed challenge: to research and present information on a space exploration mission.

Not long after the project was launched, Castleford Academy’s science teachers were inundated with Year 7’s ideas, questions and newly-found facts. The students spent hours researching their chosen missions; from the first Apollo 11 moon landings to the most recent Curiosity Mars Rover, no NASA project was left unexplored.

The competition saw a range of excellent entries. There were detailed posters, lifelike cake models of the moon landings and homemade Mars rovers. We even had a number of entries that lit up, showing the constellations of the night sky!

Each science teacher had the incredibly difficult job of choosing the best project from their class to enter into the final. Here, a panel of judges fought over which project they thought worthy of being the winner of such a tough competition.

After much deliberation they chose the final three… in third place was Chardonnay O with her model moon, creatively put together using a range of materials and displaying detailed information on the Apollo 11 mission. In second place was Lucille M who had researched how telescopes are used to explore space. Alongside her research she created a light up board displaying the zodiac star constellations. 

The overall winner of the competition, and the lucky recipient of a professional telescope, was Caleb N. His creative project combined a model solar system with a TripAdvisor description of what it would be like to lead a mission to each planet in our Solar System. The judges highlighted his attention to detail and thorough research as reasons for his victory.

 Well done to Year 7 for their hard work and creativity – the projects were out of this world!

1st Place:  Caleb

2nd Place:  Lucille

3rd Place:  Chardonnay