​​​​​​​​​Lewis Makes it to the Young Games Designer BAFTA finals in London ​ ​

Lewis, the Academy's first ever Young Games Designer BAFTA Finalist, visited London on the 8th July this year for the prestigious red carpet event.

He was one of 10 UK Young Game Designers selected by industry professionals for his game concept 'Spectrum'. We are extremely proud of the work he completed in Computer Games Development Club held in S56 afterschool on a Tuesday. Mr Whitworth, the Head of Computing said "I am so proud of Lewis, he is one of the most creative individuals I have met and I hope this story inspires the next generation of Castleford-based games designers".

Lewis was competing against 9 other people from across the UK in the 15-18 age category for the YGD BAFTA – Games Concept Award. Although Lewis, aged 15 (at the time), did not win the category, the experience was fantastic.

Mr Whitworth, The Computing Department and all of Castleford Academy wish Lewis the best of luck in pursuit of his career in the games industry and look forward to his debut release of 'Spectrum'.

If you are interested in making a game, or just planning out some cool ideas for a game. Then come along to S56 on Tuesday's with Mr Whitworth for CGDC (Computer Games Development Club).