​​​​​​​​Year 10 / 11 Lesson 6 Timetable

Monday 16th April – Thursday 25th May 2018​

In year 11 you should be spending a minimum of 2 hours on your school work after your lessons finish at 2.50pm.  Some of this time will be spent at home completing homework or completing independent study (reviewing notes/ revising/ reading about the topics you have learnt in class) and some of this time will be spent attending boosters.  For this half term the following subjects take priority on the days given below.  If you are not needed for a booster or a detention for a priority subject on a given day you may be asked to attend a detention/ booster/ coursework red card session for another subject.  If you need support with homework or coursework, or a quiet place to complete your homework, 'drop in' (M30) is open every day 2.50-3.50pm.  If you are unsure on where you need to be see Mrs Cross.​




2.50-3.25pm: A Half Maths B Half English

3.25- 4.00pm: A Half English B Half Maths

** If you only have a booster 3.25-4.00pm you could go to Drop in (M30) or the learning centre to complete homework or independent study.



Art - Miss Ackrill

BTEC Construction - Mr Harmer

BTEC Engineering - Mr Costello

BTEC Music - Miss Moran

BTEC Drama - Mr King

BTEC Drama - Miss Cronshaw

Geography - Miss Armstrong

History - Miss Tolson

BTEC Health and Social Care - Miss Mills

RE -Mr  Russell

BTEC Sport - Mr Payne


OPTION F (2.50-3.20) ** If not required by option H pupils can stay until 3.50

Food - Miss Paxton

GCSE Media - Mr Bibby

ICT - Mr Harding

GCSE Music - Ms Weatherley

GCSE PE - Mr Lloyd

GCSE PE - Mr Holmes

GCSE PE - Miss Selby

Product Design - Mr Harmer

Product Design - Mr Gardham

RE - Miss Page

Textile - Mrs Wiggan

Work Related - Mr Brooke

OPTION H (3.20-3.50) ** If not required by option F pupils can start at 2.50

Art - Mrs D'Arcy- Neild

BTEC Engineering - Mr Gardham

BTEC Engineering - Mr Costello

BTEC Drama - Miss Cronshaw

CIDA - Mr Whitworth

BTEC Health and Social - Mrs Radecki

BTEC Media - Mr Bibby

Physics - Mr Law

RE - Mr Russell

BTEC Sport - Mrs Rostron



Computing - Mr Morris

Computer Science - Mr Harding

French - Miss Charters

French - Miss Lister

Spanish - Mrs Scott

Geography - Miss Lambourne

Geography - Mr Guest

History - Mr Wright

History - Miss Tolson

History - Miss Bowes

History - Miss Wainwright​